Where On Earth

I have written many blogs and to be honest I didn't like any of them. Perhaps starting at an early age made me an immature writer when I wanted to write on substantial and sophisticated topics.  Reaching my 20s, I am getting a good feeling about writing again. Since this is my first time in [...]



Hello. Thanks for spending some of your time to read this very random post I am about to write. I believe that's the most pathetic by line for any post, perhaps you have already decided to go back to whatever is more important. If you've reached till here and decided to read further, much appreciated. [...]

How to look put together on a budget

DISCLAIMER: Everything I have listed below is something you all already know. I understand its difficult to apply these while you are experimenting with your clothes. So, I have tried to lay it out in a more approachable way. Basics are your best investment. How many of you go shopping thinking you’ll buy statement clothes [...]

Dress your age?

My mother used to say this, "dress according to your age." Well, its literal translation would really annoy me, making me think why I wasn't allowed to wear something that I like even if its something a particular age wears? I was 15 back then. What my mother actually meant was, as you age, you [...]

Festive Lookbook-2

Hey guys! Since I promised you all a lookbook for the festivals, I have the second one ready. How excited do you get everytime you go to a designer to buy a lehenga you wish to wear at someone's wedding? Now, how long does it take for you to realize that you will probably not [...]


Every Indian awaits for this month of the year. Why? Because it's the festive season when you get an abundance of excuses to shop your favorite outfits that you've been eyeing for a very long time. How about not going all traditional and bringing a little chic to your whole look this time around? Everybody [...]


Ah,white. What a beautiful, pure color. I have a soft corner for this specific color and thus my wardrobe is dominated by whites. It's sad I don't wish to experiment with other colors but I think I'll get there later. Till then, let's stick to this. White goes with anything and everything. When in doubt, [...]

Pastel Palette

There are colors that sooth your soul and calm your mind. Pastel pink has to be one of them. My mother was very fond of this color and called it one of the International Colors because back then, she discovered it only in Europe. She visited places like Singapore, Instanbul and almost all of Europe [...]