Ah,white. What a beautiful, pure color. I have a soft corner for this specific color and thus my wardrobe is dominated by whites. It's sad I don't wish to experiment with other colors but I think I'll get there later. Till then, let's stick to this. White goes with anything and everything. When in doubt, [...]

Pastel Palette

There are colors that sooth your soul and calm your mind. Pastel pink has to be one of them. My mother was very fond of this color and called it one of the International Colors because back then, she discovered it only in Europe. She visited places like Singapore, Instanbul and almost all of Europe [...]

Orange is the new bold.

If you had to define"bold", what would it be? Being bold is being out there. Experimenting with new things, wearing necklines you thought you could never pull off, choosing a necklace you thought was "over doing" any outfit you put together but wearing it anyway. I understand that most of us are scared to try [...]

Girl Gang Getaway

I used to watch Sex And the City everytime it aired on the television. Somehow the very surreal bond between these four middle aged women seemed very appealing to me. I say it's surreal because I have never known any girl gang so tight,untill now.   Usually, girls plan this all girls trip post a [...]

Indian Insight

This will be my first post after I came back to Chennai for my third year in engineering. Speaking of landing in Chennai, I missed my flight this time. If you want to know why,keep wondering because that secret will go down with me. On the plus side,  I accidentally bumped into Prince Narula at [...]

Like White On Rice

Apart from the particular wedding day, we barely get to see people wearing white on white. When I say this I don't include bodycons or skaters either. A white on white combination is , I admit, difficult to pull off however it's not impossible. You need the right accessories ,the right shoes and the right [...]

Off The Shoulder

I could see this new trend hitting stores-from high street fashion to just street fashion. I'm specifically talking about the off-shoulder/cold shoulder tops/dresses. How are they different? Off shoulder(mainly a neckline),as the name speaks for itself,is something that falls off your shoulder. That's my theory. To give a little more fashion forward definition,these are similar [...]

Six – Yards

India is blessed by the beauty that is the six-yard cloth-the saree. Every state in India has a different way of draping them and an exotic range of prints and color to compliment them. I hail from West Bengal known for its Jamdaani sarees. They are my favorite outfit for any festival or traditional occasion. [...]

At Lunch

Do you have a quick lunch with a friend and you are finding it difficult to find something impressive to wear? Read below!   This Arabic piece of clothing is worn in several cultures worldwide. It was initially worn as a coat or an overdress. Kaftan has become one of the biggest reason of western [...]

Hello College!

I remember my first year of college, highly inclined about starting a new life and becoming a good electronics and communication engineer, I honestly didn't pay so much heed to fresher's-or even dress up for it. BIG MISTAKE! Fresher's is the time where you meet your batch mates, your seniors and perhaps the only chance to [...]