Pastel Palette

There are colors that sooth your soul and calm your mind. Pastel pink has to be one of them.

My mother was very fond of this color and called it one of the International Colors because back then, she discovered it only in Europe. She visited places like Singapore, Instanbul and almost all of Europe and always came back with clothes in pastel pink, blue, coral and even orange.

It was fun to wear theae beautiful dresses she got because back then, India was still not over “prints”.

Untill, one day,my mother and I discovered a store where we found what spared us from expensive air tickets. I decided to keep it a secret and not tell anyone about it. I am selfish when it comes to clothes.

So, this dress was extraordinary. It was pastel pink with an intricate lace detail all over the neck. This is an A-line dress and looks great for every occasion. A dress is the most simplest and easy outfit to choose, you can never go wrong with a good dress. Prints, color, lace, details and everything in one outfit and that’s it. Keep your accessories minimal, they always overpower your dress otherwise.

Specifically if you wish to meet the family over lunch.

This palette remains close to my heart.


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