Orange is the new bold.

If you had to define”bold”, what would it be?

Being bold is being out there. Experimenting with new things, wearing necklines you thought you could never pull off, choosing a necklace you thought was “over doing” any outfit you put together but wearing it anyway.

I understand that most of us are scared to try unusual accessories, so a safer way would be to try out colors you would not wear.

Colors like yellow, orange, hot pink, bottle green are a few to name.

Pro tip: Whenever you wear such palletes of color,try not focusing on accesorising it too much. Keep everything else as minimal as possible.

I wore this orange sheer shirt from Lakshita and paired it with dark blue jeans and nude scarpids.

I brought a twist to the shirt by changing its neckline and making it an off-shoulder shirt. This trend has been going around for a while now and it doesn’t fail to disappoint.

What you need for this look

An oversized shirt and a daring heart to button down your shirt for a flawless neckline.

Another thing that I would like to bring to your notice is the choice of bottoms. If you imagine wearing this shirt with white pants, it brings a more feminine look to it. Pairing it with dark blue jeans gappens to bring out a little rawness to the look while adding scarpids and that necklace throws the right amount of sophistication to the whole look.

You can find more outfit ideas on my Instagram.


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