Girl Gang Getaway

I used to watch Sex And the City everytime it aired on the television. Somehow the very surreal bond between these four middle aged women seemed very appealing to me. I say it’s surreal because I have never known any girl gang so tight,untill now.


Usually, girls plan this all girls trip post a break up or when they celebrate something. In our case we were celebrating the joy of entering our third year of engineering. Not really joy, we just wanted to do something exciting before going back to our mundane college lives.

So began the journey of me and my five favorite girlfriends to Pondicherry. There was not one day I didn’t laugh. We had the best time together, doing things together. It was truly a wonderful experience. Whoever said that girls can’t be your good friends are wrong. They give you less bullshit, they understand you, they support you and they also protect you.

There was this one time in Pondicherry where a couple of guys followed us from one beach to another. The amazing feeling of turning them down together is beyond imagination. We traveled almost 17 hours in one day and saw everything there was to see.

We didn’t even bring up any guy in our conversations and it was so peaceful. Even today, when I feel upset, I go to their place just to spend a little time and in that moment everything seems perfect. Just perfect.

PS:A detailed version of the trip is still in the making. Meanwhile, go plan your girls trip.


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