Indian Insight

This will be my first post after I came back to Chennai for my third year in engineering. Speaking of landing in Chennai, I missed my flight this time. If you want to know why,keep wondering because that secret will go down with me. On the plus side,  I accidentally bumped into Prince Narula at the airport the next day. So, it kinda covers for the loss.


As I reached college and gradually got succumbed into the rat race, I wondered if I could continue as a blogger. It meant finding new locations to shoot at, new people to contact and new content to write. Was I ready to deal with all that again? Hell yes. So, I found a friend of mine who was ready to work with me and we tied up to shoot every weekend. And that means I will post something new every week from now on.

Chennai has given me some of the most amazing memories that I could write about in my journal. Some are bitter sweet while some are beyond anyone’s imagination and so this place, no matter how much I might dislike it,will always be close to me.



For my first blog post here, I decided to wear something very basic but also something that I am known for in college-statement earrings. This particular piece of jhumkas were a pre birthday gift from a close friend. I have come across some solid heavy earrings but this one, I failed to wear them for even half an hour. Nonetheless, they are still very beautiful and it was mandatory to brag about them.


This kurta was bought two years back and is one of my favorites because of the unusual pattern at the front. Looks best when paired with wide legged palazzo I have tried pants, leggings and jeans. And a little silver junk jewellery to add rawness to the look.


Black and white with oxidized silver jewellery makes for a monochrome look and so to break it and  to add a pop of color, take a bright colorful jhola. You’ll find many of these on the streets of Delhi.

I am hoping to explore more of this city while shooting and giving you more insights on fashion.

Lots of Love


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