Like White On Rice

Apart from the particular wedding day, we barely get to see people wearing white on white. When I say this I don’t include bodycons or skaters either.

A white on white combination is , I admit, difficult to pull off however it’s not impossible. You need the right accessories ,the right shoes and the right bag  to add an oomph to an elegant outfit. I like the word oomph,makes you pop off your chair a little.

When you’re creating this particular look for yourself, prep yourself first. White,as we know, is the base color for every other color and so anything will work with white.

Sit with all your favorite pieces of  jewellery or bags or anything that you might think will look good. Oh wait,before that,figure out if you want to wear something Western or something closer to your roots or a mix of both. When you have decided that, it becomes easy to circle your accessories around the kind of outfit you’re wearing.

As for me, I opted for a Lucknow chikankari shirt I borrowed from the elder at my house and paired it with the everyday white palazzo pants I have.


Quick tip:If you wear a shirt or a t-shirt that is twice your size,make sure to tuck it in. Also,the pants or bottoms that you wear should,preferably, fit at the waist and not below so that when you wear your boxy shirt tucked in, your waist is defined. Otherwise, there will be no structure to what you’re wearing.

I opted for a Sri Lankan Tribal necklace I had bought when I travelled to Sri Lanka, which by the way if you ever do, visit BACKSTAGE, they have the best line of accessories. I chose not to wear anything in my ears since I didn’t want the focus to go away from the necklace. Also,another reason why I chose a necklace instead of statement earrings is because of the chikankari work around the shoulder on the shirt. Since its white it’s quite invisible and so when the focus is brought towards the neck,the eye also wanders about the work on the shirt.


As for the last two accessories, I opted for a more desi bag because it adds a pop of color and just to add neutrality to the overall look, nude scarpids which I think is the best investment. My mother thinks otherwise,she thinks it  will hurt my feet. I understand her concern but I have a solution to that  also. Want to know? DM me on Instagram and I’ll fill you in on that!

So,when you’ve styled your “white on white” outfit, make sure to tag “audreeja” and add a hashtag ” #whiteonwhite” on Instagram.

Lots of love to you.


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